Star Wars Force Unleashed Webdoc 3

This webdoc shows the first ever in-game gameplay for,
Star Wars Force Unleashed. "If this game plays as good as it looks, this is going to be every Star Wars fans dream, I cant wait to start using the Force!"

Posted by: Ronnie W (onPause Creator)
Twitter: @RonyDean


  1. Ausbo says:

    wow that dmm is amazing

  2. Entropyms says:

    all the graphics and environmental engines in all the universe arent gonna help this game if the gameplay isnt up to scratch. and till now i really havnt seen anything thats original or cool in the way that jedi knight 2 or KOTOR or even tie fighter were. hopefully theyll pull this off. but i have yet to see any indication of that.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Is there any high quality link of the video?? I need to see that biggest.. :)~~~

  4. RonyDean says:

    Ya heres a link to one, Link to vid, on the right you can download it! : )

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